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Мы предлагаем услуги по электромонтажу любой сложности, сантехническим работам, а также бытовым ремонтным работам, которые иначе называют "муж на час".

Pay Day Loan

Pay Day Loan

Japan also has one of the most dense electric charging infrastructure networks. The country has adopted a very systematic approach: it now has sufficient charging stations, so it is gradually switching government support cash loans charging to hydrogen, because this will be the next generation technology.

In Germany we have the Clean Energy Partnership, which aims to tackle climate change by supporting the development of emission-free mobility. This is a joint initiative, cash loans in 2002, involving car companies, infrastructure companies and government authorities.

In the first phase, Linde and Daimler aimed to build 20 stations, and then six companies got together in a joint venture - Shell, OMV, Air Liquide, Linde, Total and Daimler - with the goal of building 400 stations by 2023. Other car companies such as Toyota, Honda and BMW have joined this initiative as associated partners, creating a very broad basis for this activity.

This is essential because it will take some time to build up the hydrogen network, and for the first few years this infrastructure network will not lead directly to any earnings.

This is the first part of two. In part 2, Prof. Mohrdieck discusses extending the network of hydrogen refueling stations, the development of different drivetrains and addresses issues about carbon emissions, renewable energy and the possible innovations of tomorrow. To continue reading the interview, click here.

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